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Consulting Services

Consulting Service Overview


EPSA is headed up by Gary Visser who has over 37 years experience in the Pulp and Moulded fibre industry, with 30 of those years in Moulded Fibre specifically. With a career spanning roles as Industrial Engineer for International Paper’s Masonite hard board plant through running the entire production facility in South Africa and then building the DFM moulded fibre facility in 1993. With over 20yrs as CEO of DFM, 11 years as a Board member of  International Molded Fiber Association and then in January 2018  appointed Executive Chairman of IMFA. Also having served on multiple boards of trading, manufacturing and non-profit organizations.


Gary   retired as CEO of DFM Pty Ltd  in May 2017 and now focuses on providing select consulting services to the international Moulded Fibre industry.

Gary's expertise covers type 2 conventional moulding, type 3 Thermoformed as well as high volume afterpressing, labelling and printing. 


These services will include but not be limited to some of the following.

  •  Full business scoping for someone wanting to enter the Moulded Fibre manufacturing arena irrespective of the levels of experience. This can include :

  •  Evaluation of  required resources like technical skills, raw materials, energy sources etc.

  •  Complete assistance with machine and equipment specifications.

  •  Either complete management of machine sourcing, negotiations, build inspections and installation and commissioning or guidance in all or any of these areas.

  •  Advice on tooling design and sourcing.

  •  Maintenance schedules and spares requirements.

  •  Ongoing involvement in business analysis and coaching.

  For someone already in the Moulded fibre Industry.

  •  Assistance with sourcing and developing specialized moulding machinery. Forming, drying, pressing, printing, labeling.

  • Introducing a new product manufacturing skill set into the business.

  • Identifying solutions to specific problem areas in the business. This may be equipment, process and process control, people skills, tooling , stock preparation etc.

  • Business analysis of costing , efficiencies, structure, and skill sets etc.


Gary has been involved for over 30 years with machine builders, assisting in machine development, design and ongoing improvements. This experience has been gained through extensive travel ,working with western and eastern machine and product manufacturers. Having spent time visiting and working in over 20 Moulded Fibre manufacturing facilities in more than 10 countries.


In support of EPSA’s resources Gary has access to a team of highly regarded industry individuals that are either still currently engaged in the industry or very recently “ retired”. These resources extend through every conceivable element of the Moulded fibre Industry, covering design, production, financial planning, tooling, process control, machine building and more.

We are able to give direction only, or to walk you through every single element of any chosen aspect of this wonderful industry.

A no obligation e-mail or chat could lead into an affordable “evaluation” exercise and then possibly a full-scale project. An important element of Gary taking on a project is his belief that the experience must be both mutually beneficial as well as pleasurable.

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